First Gifts

1. Attic fans and cool night air

2.Open windows

3. Crickets

4. Far off sounds of other people, community

5. The clatter of washing machine and dishwasher in a sleeping house.  My handmaidens hard at work.

6.  Lisa

7. “Snuggles” from the girl

8. The Warrior

9.  The Oldest

10. The ballerina

11. Family

12. Dad


14. Sisterhood in all forms

15. Writing

16. My shelf that my daddy built that holds all my books high above the clutter

17. My room

18.  When my kids love each other

19. Tiffany

20. That my kids want to sleep in my bed

21. A fenced in back yard

22.That I get to home school

23. Mornings that run early

24. Tidy drawers

25. The dinosaur tail triangles of light on the back stairs

26. Steam off oatmeal on early mornings

27.  Family meals where everybody eats

28.  The warrior’s facial expressions

29.  Reading together straight from the Bible


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