Spent all day writing and nothing to show for it

124. God’s Love

125. Kenny

126. Passion and Purity by Elizabeth Elliot

127. A new dress from Ann Taylor Loft that cost $30

128.  He turns down the radio to hear what I have to say

129. David’s fearless preaching of the gospel and singing even to those who can’t hear him at the nursing home

130.  Oppurtunities to be missionaries as a family

131. Riding on the back of Kenny’s motorcycle

132. Elliana cooking

133.” Fwirrles” (squirrels)

134. “Foon” (spoons)

135. My Onesimus

136. My Tabitha passing out stickers   (the joy she gets from giving)

137.  Silky hair days

138. Tuned in parenting

139. Forgiveness

140. Order and organization

141.  A clean car

142. A clean kitchen

143. Friends

144. Ana’s little legs running

145. Ana’s faces

146. Church family

147. “Fwee” (three)

148. Kenny’s dedication to reading the Bible

149. Elliana gathering “red delicous berries for Nowom.”

150. Dad’s intervention

151. Finding that calendar for mom

152. Blue sky, white clouds, a breeze

153. A shoulder to fall asleep on

154. Kylie

155. John visiting for spring break

156. Cody

157. Kenny and my kids

158. A schedule

159.  energy

160. Climbing into bed at the end of a busy day

161. Finding my memory verses

162. When the classroom is under control

163. Girl time with Elliana

164. Fifth graders singing “Lollypop, lollypop” at the assisted living home

165. Sundays

166.  Devotions in the evening

167. Days at home

168. Elliana’s ruffled apron

169. Elliana volunteering to carry in the groceries

170.  The smell freshly washed sheets

171. An oven

172. Happy Elliana

173. David’s song “I like jelly, I like butter.  I went through the butter stage.  I went through the jelly stage but now I like them both at once!”

174.  Biscuits with homemade strawberry jelly for breakfast

175. toothpaste maracas

176.  Siblings encouraging David