A Wedding Toast for My Sister

On May 11, 2013 my baby sister married a boy named David who has captured her heart as wonderfully as my beloved husband has mine.  My heart can’t contain how happy I am for her as love positively glows off of her and I hope this is the begining of a powerful work of God in both their lives.  Spilling my champaigne with nerves I was able to share a few words at their reception in the traditional Maid of Honor toast.  My dad asked me to write them down, so here is my last hurrah at being a bossy big sister.

“David, I haven’t gotten to interrogate you the way I would really have liked, but I know you must be a man of exceptional character because of how hard my sister has fallen for you.  So let me take a moment and tell you about this woman that you have married.  You already know Kaitlyn is strong, hardworking, tough, and determined, but this is also the blond haired toddler who could climb up on the knee of our Korean War Vet, Marine Corp grandfather and convince him to make Grover’s funny voice every time he read Grover Goes to the Farm.

Scan 131130008

She is the preschooler who went gaga at Minnie’s House in Disney Land.

Scan 131130002

She’s the middle schooler who spent a summer living on our porch roof with her best friend calling themselves roof gnomes.

Scan 131130018

She wore hot pink tennis shoes under her homecoming dress.

pink dress 5

And her nephews and neices think it is important for you to know she can run fast, but not fast enough to beat them in a race.



In short, David, this girl is the treasure of our family.  So here’s what you’re going to do.  You are going to spend every minute of every day intentionally, passionately, whole heartedly loving… your Savior.  You are going to read your Bible every day, and you are going to pray for wisdom to lead this family which has been entrusted to you by God and us.  You are going to pray for humility to love and forgive Kaitlyn as God has loved and forgiven you.

And you, Kaitlyn- you are going to read your Bible every day.  And you are going to pray for wisdom to support David in his decisions and be his vanguard against sin. You are going to pray for humility to follow him, and to experience the joy of being loved by a man of God.

And everyone else, who joins with them to celebrate their marriage- here’s what you are going to do.  You are going to pray for them, and for every couple like them who is trying to do the impossible: to put to death their sin natures and self interests, and become a living, breathing picture of Christ and his beautiful bride, the church.  So let’s do that now.  Lift your glasses with me as we lift up this couple.  God, we pray for Kaitlyn and David, that your spirit will fill them and bind them unshakably.  And now…

To Kaity and David and the Spirit who Binds Them.”

Mr. and Mrs. David Witt

Mr. and Mrs. David Witt



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