Best Dad Ever

Luke 10:13 “If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

Freud once said something to the extent that there is no need in childhood as great as the need for a father’s protection.  In our culture today, it is especially obvious for our daughters.  There are a million lies and dangers waiting to overcome a girl whose Daddy isn’t there to protect her every day.  This truth weighs on my husband’s heart like a ball and chain and I have watched it drag him to his knees day after day as He begs God to be there with his little girl when he can’t be.  During the summer when Kylie stays with us we ask God to help use the time to fill Kylie with all the things she needs from her relationship with her dad.  Being a loving father Kenny is always trying to give Kylie the gift of himself, his love, his time, and everything else that he thinks will make her happy.  When it was time to fly her back to Texas this summer Kenny came to me with eyes alight.  “Guess what?  Remember when you took Kylie to that art display and she  had to write down one thing she wanted to do before she died?  and she said she wanted to see San Fransisco most of all?  Well, I just bought our plane tickets and guess where we just happen to have a seven hour layover?  That’s right!  San Fransisco!”  For the next month all Kenny could talk about was the surprise trip he was planning for Kylie- he rented a bright red convertible VW bug, he researched the sights Kylie had mentioned wanting to see, and he teased Kylie day and night.  “Hey, remember that flight you and I are taking back to Texas?  Well, there’s something I’m not telling you.”  He did it so  much that Kylie came to believe there really was nothing he was not telling her and he was just being a goof.  When they finally boarded a plane headed back to the states he told her his plan, and the surprise went off in gaiety and delight.  They drove with the top down up and down the beach, dined al fresco just the two of them, bought souvenirs for the rest of us, and made silly faces in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.  They had an adventure just father and daughter, just Kylie and the first man who ever loved her.  It was the kind of memory that every girl should have to grown on, and that every woman will need to lean on at some point in her life- it was a gift to Kylie, and to Kenny.  Now what are the chances that Kylie’s one dream at ten years old would be to visit the very city where they had to stop on their trip back to Texas?  Or that they would stop there with enough time to do everything they wanted, or that the trip would go off exactly as planned with no hitches?  Is Kenny the best dad ever for taking advantage of a coincidence?  Or maybe could it be that there is another Dad hiding behind the scenes here?  Maybe as Kenny prayed to multiply his time with Kylie someone else was waiting to show love.   As Kenny tried to fill Kylie with all the things she needed from him maybe someone else who has already given the gift of Himself, His love, and His time, was just waiting to present every other good thing.  Maybe Kenny’s gift to Kylie was really a gift from God and if so then it was more than a great memory, it was a reminder- a reminder of the promise that God is our good father and we can trust Him.  “If you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Heavenly father….” Whether Kylie is here or there we can trust Him because whether she is here or there, Kylie Elisabeth has the best Dad ever, and so do we.





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