Dyamond and Monica






Meet Dyamond and Monica, the newest addition to our traveling kid collection!  Dyamond and Monica will be staying with us for the next six weeks while their mom is out of the country.  So, starting on Thursday our house became home to a 15 year old, 8 year old, 6 year old, two 5 year olds, and a two year old!  We now have more kids than can fit in our van!  We thought long and hard before agreeing to take them in.  We both feel our focus needs to be on our eldest right now, as he navigates the perils of adolescence, but somewhere along the prayers and discussions God worked on both of our hearts and we agreed to say yes.  In the days leading up to their mom’s departure God worked again to make sure that we were prepared in ways we hadn’t even considered.  The first few days Kenny and I both felt keyed up with anxiety, wondering if this was going to be a nightmare.  Six kids in a four bedroom apartment in Korea, homeschooling five different grades, adding more chaos to our already crazy lives?  But when God gives you a job you don’t need to freak out even if you know you aren’t enough for it.  He makes it happen because its His work, and that’s how it has been with these girls.  During the school day we all stay in the dining room.  Dyamond has preschool work just a step down from Elliana’s kindergarten work, and when she’s finished she plays with her My Little Ponies.  Monica ping pongs between my lap and her toys on the floor.  We all eat our sandwiches at the park then Monica naps in her crib in Elliana’s room and Dyamond falls asleep on the couch as we read aloud.  The rest of the day Monica stays stuck on me.  I forgot how clingy a two year-old can be, and how heavy!  The first few days I couldn’t get a lick of housework done, but after a day or two she has started to relax and I can get the dishes done while she splashes in the bubbles on a stool beside me.   I was surprise by how exhausted Elliana is from having a constant playmate.  By last  night everyone was over tired.  I remembered the feeling of being at a two year olds mercy as she cried and I try to put dinner on the table, but by being calm and moving slowly, kid-pace even, I still feel peace and joy in our house even when the two year old’s nap is interrupted by a five year old’s temper tantrum.  It is amazing to me how different I am now from when my kids were babies just a few year ago.  I used to feel such a need to keep everything under control.  Now I realize the key is to keep me under control.  It’s encouraging to see that God has been working in my life.  So, I am moving one two year old sized step at a time through our day and remembering all the good examples I have seen (Jessica Peeler toting Lyla everywhere for years, the Duggars- seriously, have you watched that show- it will have you talking sweet to your kids for at least a day after watching,) and the good advice I have heard and read (Debbie Pearl, Tedd Tripp, James Dobson.)  I consider these next six weeks like a family mission trip and I would appreciate your prayers that we would be able to show God’s love, teach our kids to serve, and know Him better by taking care of these two little girls.   Its a joy to serve when you are doing in the strength He provides, and that’s what I want to it to be!


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