mlkMLK had a dream, and it makes me smile to think that our family looks a little bit like what he saw in his dream.   My children and I talked today about how Martin gave his life to God and said “Here it is, use it,” and how God used up every bit of Martin’s life to bring His love to battle the hatred that gripped our nation.  I have a dream too. I have a dream that one day everyone in my family will say to God, “Here’s my life, use it as you will,” and that God will use us to bring His love into the world’s hurts just like He did with Martin.  Since family is the practice field for life Kenny and I have tried to give the kids lots of chances to practice showing God’s love this year.  I gave the kids a chance to reflect on some of theses experiences and here they are in their own words.


My Girl Scout Troop ran a coat check and used the money to buy Christmas presents for kids with cancer.  People didn’t want to dance while wearing their coats or put it on a stool where it would slip down and they could slip on it.  So, my Girl Scout troop took care of their coats while they were at a fancy party.  I peeled off tickets for people to use to remember their coats.  The people gave us money- my girls scouts troop’s money!  We used the money to buy Christmas presents for kids who were sick in the hospital with cancer over Christmas.  I wanted to buy 185 kids Christmas presents.    I think the kids felt awesome when they got their presents.  Lots of people were hurt by racism when Martin Luther King Jr was alive and Martin Luther King Jr gave lots of speeches to get them to stop.  I showed love to hurt people just like Martin Luther King Jr!

By Elliana, age 5 ½

Elliana Learns to Spread God's Love to the Sick

Elliana Practiced Spreading God’s Love to the Sick


I will tell you a story.  One day we drove in the car then we got a big, big table.  Then, we gave people who didn’t have money- not even one bit of money- we gave food to them.  The food came from a pot luck at church.  I gave out some soupy stuff; I guess it was bulgogi soup.  I was making the world a better place just like Martin Luther King Jr

By David, age 7

This was an especial learning experience for Cody as he faced adults struggling with mental illness.

Cody practiced spreading God’s love to the weak as an afternoon serving the homeless brought him literally face to face with some adults struggling with mental illness.


On Thanksgiving day, we had a big party back at home and afterwards we went to Seoul Station to pass out the leftovers to homeless.  It was really cold at Seoul Station.  We passed out the food while it was in plates with foil on top of them.  We went around looking for homeless people and when we found one we gave them some.  We also gave them mints.  I was a mint giver.  Last, but not least, I went home and saw a neon volcano on a building.  It looked like it would be really fun to live there.   I was being like Martin Luther King, Jr in the way that he wanted everybody to be treated equally.  We all got a big turkey dinner so I thought maybe the homeless people would like big turkey dinners.

Dallas, age 9


The Kids Learn to Spread God's Love to the Hungry

The Kids Learn to Spread God’s Love to the Hungry


This Christmas I got an orphan a Lego set.  When we hung up our stockings we said that we were going to earn money by being considerate and helpful and as we earned it we would put it in our stockings.  I got a lot of money in my stocking.  I was nice a lot.  I got $10.  Right before Christmas our family counted the money and my parents doubled it.  Then we went the store and bought toys for the orphans.  It was awesome.  I was jealous because I wanted a Lego set, too.  I encouraged the orphans when they didn’t have toys just like Martin Luther King Jr. encouraged black people when they didn’t have rights. 

By Cody, age 15

The Kids Practiced Showing God's Love to Orphans

The Kids Practiced Showing God’s Love to Orphans


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