Mother’s Day

My family did so much to honor me this Mother’s Day weekend.

On Saturday Kenny gave up his entire day to help with my Girl Scout troop’s field trip. He drove a 12 passenger van full of giddy girls and chaperoned them for seven hours at a packed amusement park.

Dallas cleaned the bathroom- took all the laundry to the laundry room, organized the cupboards, scrubbed the counter and mopped- just because he saw the bathroom was dirty.

Cody and David picked me bouquets of wild (and some not-so-wild,) flowers.

Sunday, the actual Mother’s Day, started with Elliana lying in bed between Kenny and I and singing “Mommy, Poppy,” while she gave hugs back and forth to each of us.  Then the kids dressed themselves for church while Kenny made breakfast smoothies and I dressed at my leisure. No one fought on the ride to church.

Then we got to church, hopped out of the car and noticed an enormous bucket of red roses being brought into the church. “What are those for?” Cody asked, and that is when my kids figured out that it was Mother’s Day.

After church there were gifts- time alone (every introverted mom’s greatest gift,) a cold and delicious drink with a green straw, and a new travel mug which I had very much wanted ever since the one I got for Christmas was dashed off the coffee table by a passing pillow, but the greatest gifts of my Mother’s Day are the ones my family gave me before they knew it was Mother’s Day.

At Mother’s Day many people focus on the great effort and work involved in being a mom. I’ve read the articles about how many job titles a mom can claim, and the enormous salary she deserves, and all the sacrifices and the long hours and being a giving tree, but I think everyone knows the real truth- being a mom is an honor, being trusted and loved by an innocent child is a gift no one could earn no matter what the hours.

The second greatest honor of my life is that my children and husband give me their hearts and this weekend I am reminded of the constant and complete ways they make every day Mother’s Day.