I love fall!  October is my favorite month- but this year I think it got swallowed by September’s busyness!

So, what did we do with the month of October?

First, my parent’s visited.  We sat on the very wall where my mother once camped out with a five year old me and my siblings when we couldn’t find our way home on our first day in Korea.  We also got to see our old church, some shops, and even the salon where mom used to get her hair cut 20 years ago.


Second, we watched the International Fireworks Festival from the top of Namsan with some of our favorite people.  Having these two girls around has been such a gift for our family.  It’s especially been enriching  for letting little Ana practice compassion.


Our precious David turned eight!  He was so into his new camel pack and waterproof notebook (for writing things while camping,) that we had a hard time getting his attension for his mad scientist cake.


Also, we have started linking up with some other homeschoolers to do things like science club and field trips. Here is Cody demonstrating what happens when you create more pressure than your water bottle can handle.


We had a dozen cavities filled at a korean dentist.  They give cool prizes, but they do not give novacaine.  It was different.



We went to an international festival and Elliana and I got henna tatoos that itched soooo much!



Cody got his first job!  He’s a bagger at our commissary and it is a great job for him!


On top of this we attended weekly meetings for our four different scout troops, took jujitsu classes, camped out with the cubscouts, got plugged into various church activities and met a lot of new people.

The breeze blowing off the river is getting cold, but it’s so beautiful blowing around the curtains that we are all just pulling on sweaters and hoodies while we curl up in front of the open windows. The park below us is very slowly changing colors.  Deep reds and yellowish oranges are starting to overthrow summer’s green and while the ginko trees are starting to turn yellow, peace is starting to creep back into our very busy schedule.  I’m happy to have so much going on because the more that happens the more I am seeing God’s compassion worked into everything.  Like the patience He showed Gideon despite Gideon’s questions and only obeying in the dark of night, and the incomparable compassion God showed by absorbing our curse on the cross- I feel so much the grace He has shown to me and I’m trying to walk in faith to let that grace be the feeling of our family no matter how busy the season.