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Developing a Quiet Time: a biblical study for kids, by Kim Sorgius

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I want to teach my kids to have a quiet time because it is the most essential part of my day but how do you teach “time alone with God.” I found it either became something I was leading or something my kids were flying through mindlessly and although I love leading my kids in bible study, I want to give them the skills to seek God on their own. This book provides the scaffolding for kids to develope the habit of daily time with God. 

This is a four week bible study.  Each day has a scripture based workbook style lesson, similar to the format of many adult studies.   It includes scripture memory, worship, bible reading and response, and prayed.  

Week 1 teaches students the basics including an acronym to help remember what to do (more than just glancing at a randomn bible verse and saying “Thank you God for this day, help it to be good.”). 

Week 2 guides them through reasons or benefits for daily time with God. 

Week 3 goes into deeper detail of the why/how- detail that is deep enough to be helpful to adults. 

Week four gives structured pages for them to begin studying the bible on their own.  

I recommend buying the electric copy of this book. It cost the same as the soft cover book, about $15, but you can print as many copies as you want for your family and it includes blank bible study format pages which I intend to use after the study to help my kids structure their quiet times. 

Each of my kids picked out a binder to be their “Bible Study Binder.”  They use their own Bibles and have their quiet times on their own. I have found 3rd grade and up can do this no problem but younger than that occasionally needs reading help.  The book is designed for elementary schoolers but the content is good for any age.  My two middle schoolers both did the study without any complaints that it was too baby-ish. Around breakfast time, once we have all gone our own personal quiet times, we go over it together for the accountability and fellowship.

No parent can be the Holy Spirit.  I am utterly incapable of building communication between my kids and God. No matter how sweetly I taught them to fold their hands and lisp “I love you Jesus” from their high chairs each of these precious hearts is cut off from God by a chasm so deep and wide that no communication can cross until the Holy Spirit comes and turns my children to look across, to call across and to cross the cross.  Then they will be with God and then their daily quiet times will be “time alone with God” and they will grow to value them as I have.  It is possible that, if God hasn’t opened their eyes yet, the “quiet time” I am training them to have right now could be simple going through the motion- an empty act, but, like the sacrifices of the Old Testament that pointed forward to the true saving sacrifice, this habit is preparing them for the time when the Holy Spirit will assert God’s claim on their hearts and my joy will be complete!  Also, this daily habit is washing my kids with scripture, making them active learners of it rather than passive listeners at mom’s feet. God promises His word will not return void, and I know, as a covenant kid who did not come quietly, God’s word once hidden in your heart is inescapable! 

In all, this study has been a blessing to our family- enough so that I was willing to pen all this free advertising!  I would love to hear if it helps you or if you have found other ways to train children in daily time with God.


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