“Depressed”, by Elliana

IMG_5007Kenny and I had a brief disagreement this afternoon, one of those times when we were saying the same thing in different genders.  Elliana appeared afterwards, dressed in all black saying our conflict made her depressed and she had written a poem about it.  Here is that ode to parental strife.


“Diprest (Depressed)” By Elliana, Age 8

I sat in my room,

The mourning clothes on,


(In all black.)

Sitting in my room is


A little bit fun and scary.


So I put on a tape

And it was missing a

Disk in the middle.


Why do I bother?

Or why do I bother bothering?

Ruined by sin,

Little mistakes,

Dad and Mom arguing.


Did you get that its an acrostic?  Go back and read the first letter of each line.

Half an hour later she was back in teal gym shorts and full of enthusiasm as she fished off the dock with her brothers.  I hope God will use her melodramatic tendencies to her sanctification in the same way He has used mine.